Yoga Droitwich, Worcestershire and beyond.

Most people come to Yoga for the physical benefits; strong muscles, flexibility and relaxation.  However Yoga is so much more than just an exercise regime. Yoga is a science and an art and if you stick with it long enough you’ll soon see what I mean!

I teach vinyasa yoga and yin yoga, balancing our male and female energies, harmonising our yin and yang. This is so important in our chaotic world. All of my classes include pranyama, meditation and other esotoric teachings because this is where the magic truly happens!

Yoga is amazing for your body, externally and internally, but my real passion is what Yoga can do for your mind.  Ease stress, reduce anxiety, give you laser sharp clarity and focus, improve sleep, improve self-esteem, self-belief, increase joy…Yoga does it all.  There is an ever-increasing body of scientific evidence to support its positive impact on mental and physical health conditions.

I practiced Yoga for years and have witnessed what transformative effects it can have on your life.  After my divorce a few years ago, I decided to train to teach. I qualified with Friends of Yoga and practice under Yoga Alliance.

If you would like to be kept upto date on my classes and workshops, where I delve deeper into Yoga Philosophy, sign up to my blog. You’ll learn lots about the physical and psychological benefits, and how you can bring yogic principles into your daily life, creating a more balanced, content existence.


Rebecca x