I qualified as a yoga teacher several years ago with Friends of Yoga and Yoga Alliance. 

I no longer teach regular classes, but I do incorporate some of the powerful yogic practictices into my coaching methods as the effects can be transformative.

Most people come Yoga for the physical benefits; strong muscles, flexibility and relaxation.  However Yoga is so much more than just an exercise regime. 

Yoga is amazing for your body, externally and internally, but my real passion is what Yoga can do for your mind.  

Yoga will ease stress, reduce anxiety, give you laser sharp clarity and focus, improve sleep, improve self-esteem, self-belief, increase joy…Yoga does it all.  There is an ever-increasing body of scientific evidence to support its positive impact on mental and physical health conditions.

Trauma and Yoga

I work with a lot of clients who have experienced trauma and abuse in their past. This pain can get ‘stuck’ in our physical bodies and cause long-term chronic pain and disease. With these clients, I use specific yogic practices to unblock what is stuck and make way for new ways of being.  There is ever-increasing to suggest that trauma survivors can be healed in this way.

I have practiced and taught Yoga for years and have witnessed the transformative effects it can have on your life.  

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