Yoga and Meditation

March Meditation Challenge Day 2

Most people spend a LOT of time thinking about what they haven’t got, what they want to get and why they deserve it.  They spend their lives chasing these things, but are they appreciative and grateful of what they already have?  Probably not most of the time.

There is another way.  You can choose to constantly appreciate everything that is around you, be grateful for what is there, good and bad.  You can accept why you are where you are right now.  You seek out reasons and you accept them.  You then are able to work towards your ideal future with a total awareness and appreciation of what you have now.  In turn, when you achieve your goals, you will appreciate that situation too.

You can live fully in the present, while acknowledging your past and what lies ahead.

Yoga and Meditation is about returning to a state of appreciation of everything.

In the early stages of yoga and meditation we adopt an ‘attitude of gratitude’, and appreciate everything.  For todays meditation challenge we will spend two minutes appreciating a simple piece of food you would like to eat.  When you practice on your mat today, take a moment to appreciate where you are now, as well as where you want to be.

Day 2 Challenge

Choose your food item, it can be something as simple as a single cherry tomato.

Hold it in your hand and examine it. Think about where it has come from, does it have an origin label? What do you know about that area and its people?

What do you know about how the item was manufactured, either naturally or artificially?  What ingredients does it contain.  The simple tomato contains elements of the earth – rain, sun, nutrients from the soil.

Think about the people who picked the item, or who worked on the machines that manufactured it.  Who packaged the item and where did it go then?  How did it get to the shop where you bought it from?  How did you pay for it?  How did you get it to where you are now?

When you have considered all these factors, say a silent ‘thank you’ to everyone who participated in getting this food item to you.  Acknowledge that everything around you has gone through a similar journey – how does this make you feel?

Now eat the item, slowly. Notice the taste, the smell, the texture.

Does it feel different to how you expected it to if you’d just popped it in as normal? Let me  know!

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Rebecca x