Vinyasa Yoga Classes Droitwich

What is Vinyasa Yoga?

‘Vinyasa’ is a Sanskrit word which refers to the connection between two yoga postures.  So a Vinyasa class is a ‘flowing’ class where the instructions will take you continuously from one posture to another in a fluid motion.

There is a misconception that a Vinyasa  class is action-packed and fast-paced.  Vinyasa yoga can be slow and gentle.  One of the aims of a Vinyasa class is to co-ordinate the breath with the movement.  An obvious example of a Vinyasa would be a sun salutation (suyra namaskar). A simpler example would be a seated twist.  As you breathe in you lengthen the spine and as you exhale, you move deeper into the twist.

What does a Vinyasa yoga class involve?

Well, unsurprisingly, there will be flowing movement from one posture to another.  Outside of that it is entirely up to the teacher.

I will teach approximately half an hour of flow in my Vinyasa yoga classes in Droitwich, starting fairly slow and gentle and building up over the weeks as the experience in the class experience.  During the flowing part of the class we will get warmer, our heart rates will rise and our respiratory system will be exercised. Our minds will start to relax as we concentrate on the movement and begin to forget our endless thoughts.

What if I can’t keep up?

If you get lost, or tired, it’s not a problem! Just re-gather yourself and carry on when you’re ready. Alternatively take a rest in childs pose until you’re ready to rejoin the flow.

After the Flow

Once we’ve got the blood flowing, mobilised the joints and loosened up a little we’ll move into static postures.  These can be standing or sitting, and will include postures such as twists, inversions and balances.  Again, though we’ll start gentle so nothing to be afraid of – it’s all good fun!!

The Best Bit!

At the end of a Vinyasa class, as with every yoga class, we will come into relaxation and a short meditation.  An added bonus of a Vinyasa yoga class is that because you have engaged in aerobic exercise,  relaxation is even sweeter!!

Regular aerobic exercise is well known to promote well-being, physically and mentally.  Psychologically, aerobic exercise, including  a Vinyasa yoga flow will reduce the body’s stress hormones, adrenaline and cortisol.   At the same time it also stimulates the production of endorphins – our feel-good chemicals!  Regular aerobic exercise can also burn calories, reduce fat, tone muscles and in turn improve how we feel about ourselves.

At the same time as being an aerobic ‘workout’ Vinyasa yoga gives the muscles a gentle tone and stretch which feels gooood!  At the end of a Vinyasa yoga class the breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques taught will reduce stress and improve bliss.

Come along to one of my Vinyasa yoga classes and see for yourself!! Men and women welcome!

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