Still the Mind


I’ve been slack posting for the March Meditation Challenge the last few days.  Being a single mum to two small children is god-damn exhausting at times.  My little boy is at that stage where I can’t be out of his sight – including all through the night…zzzzzzzz.!

Anyway, if you’ve been following the challenge, then I hope you have continued with the general theme of gradually increasing your time spent attempting to still the mind each day.  If not, no worries – today’s is a goodie!

Today we are going to find our still, quiet, peaceful spot that exists within each of us.  You may doubt this, but I promise you it’s true!  Going into this state of stillness is a very personal journey and you need to take your time. You may not find it on this attempt, and that is fine.  When you do, you will know as you will feel peaceful and contented.

So, set your timer for 20 mins so you have one less thing to think about.

Check your checklist – comfortable, cleansed, grounded…?

Observe your breathe, notice how you feel, cleanse and feel yourself start to melt into a state of relaxation.   Start to lengthen and deepen the breathe.  Give yourself time to adjust so the breath feels natural and unforced.

Now, when you are ready, start to shift the focus from your breath to another are ofthe body.  Feel your focus going to a point deep within your body.  It is peaceful, quiet and still.  You will find it for yourself hidden deep in the middle of your body, around your naval area.  It is the core of you, your very centre.

Take your time – it’s worth it. When you find it you will find it soothing, relaxing, calming and wonderful.

Explore the whole area around your naval region, under the ribcage, towards the belly button.

You might think you have found it, and then it will slip away.  Don’t worry – you do have this core – give yourself time to find it.  It may be buried deeply, or you may find it easily.

When you find it, you will feel the contact. It might feel like a pleasurable glow, or gentle tingle – however it manifests it will feel like something different is happening to you.  You may notice a pleasant scent or sound inthe distance.  Allow yourself time to discover your reaction to this new world.

Drop yourself into this warm peace.  Feel safe and comforted here. Rest for a while here and make a mental note what it feels like.

When you are ready to, withdraw your concentration from this area.  Come back to the breath, your surroundings, your body.

Notice how you feel after the experience, maybe your environment looks or feels different.  Enjoy it without judgement.

Well done you! 🙂

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Rebecca x