Get me an Arbonne Seasource Skinny Wrap!!

After 7 months of having to eat every couple of hours to keep the sickness and nausea at bay, I am fed up of food!!  I feel heavy, sluggish and in desperate need of a detox.  I know some of this is normal part of third trimester pregnancy, but some of it is because after suffering with hyperemesis gravidarum with my first pregnancy, and therefore not eating a thing for 9 months,  I’ve LOVED being able to eat this time round!

To say I’ve taken advantage of it would definitely be an understatement!  In my normal, non-pregant state I generally have a fairly healthy balanced diet, but for the last 32 weeks nothing has been off limits – sweets, cakes, pastries – you name it.  If it’s loaded with calories and fat then I’ve eaten it – in vast quantities!  Not quite the pregnancy diet the experts advise, but hey, it’s kept me functioning in my very busy life.

However, now I’m reaching the end, I need a seasource skinny wrap!

A big part of me is looking forward to giving birth – not only to meet my baby – but so that I can go longer than 2 hours without needing to eat.  To be able to feel hungry without feeling sick will be a treat!  As much as I would love to do a detox after birth, I’m realistic enough to know that I’m going to be recovering from labour, sleep-deprived, feeding baby round the clock and all while keeping an active toddler entertained.

These early days are NOT the time for a detox, or deprivation.  What I plan on doing once baby arrives is implementing a nourishing, balanced diet full of protein, carbs and energy-giving foods which will crowd out the not-so-nutritious foodstuffs I’ve been indulging in, and give me enough energy to do all I need to do, while also healing any war wounds from labour!

To kick-start my post-baby feeling good I am going to treat myself to the gorgeous, detoxifying vegan SeaSource range and do myself a weekly SeaSource skinny wrap at home.  No hassles of finding baby-sitters, and the kiddies won’t care if I’m covered in mud and skulking around in bandages.  My girl will probably find the whole thing hilarious and will no doubt subject me to humiliation at nursery – but hey worse things have happened!

The SeaSource range is used in lots of salons and you can give yourself a luxury Spa quality treatment without the cost of a salon treatment – or leaving your home. For the price of one Spa body treatment you can buy the whole range and treat yourself over and over…

The SeaSource range contains sea derived botanicals and patented marine technologies which, when combined, make the SeaSource range a unique and dynamic purification programme – exactly what I need right now!

Amongst other marine goodness, the range contains Spirulina, which is a highly concentrated multivitamin, protein and amino acid which supports the skins framework.  The range also contains bladderwrack extract and hydro-trap technology – providing 24 hour hydration.  As always, the SeaSource range is vegan-certified and dermatologist tested.

Oh, I should probably point out at this point, that you shouldn’t use the SeaSource range when pregnant because of the high potency of the detoxing minerals and vitamin A content.

So as soon as I’m home and compus mentis I’m going do the following:

seasource skinny wrap

If you plan on doing it with me, don’t forget to measure BEFORE and AFTER!!!  I’d love to hear your success stories too, I’ll be posting mine once I’ve popped in 8 weeks time

Ahhhh, I almost feel lighter and cleansed immediately….

If you would like to know more about purchasing or using the seasource skinny wrap, or the business opportunity do it get in touch. I hope you’ve found this article informative, you might also like to read my previous blog on empowerment.