Passive Income Investment

June 2017

About 6 years I was looking to make some passive income investments. I didn’t have a massive sum to ‘lose’- should the worst happen.

I did A LOT of research into stocks, shares, bonds, gold, silver, FOREX, Bitcoin etc. I looked at long-term investments, day-trading, short-trading etc.

I’m a total geek, but I don’t care – this stuff is exciting!!

One thing that really interested me was Bitcoin. I could see that IF it worked, it was definitely the future.

6 years ago, our currency was becoming digital but people still used cheques and cash much more than they do now. Now, everything is digitally moved cash – car parks, online purchases, direct debits – EVERYTHING.

The only people that carry cash are drug dealers and builders right?! (I joke but you get my point)


6 years ago Bitcoin was also quite new and scary. My research told me that it was a little uncertain, and who knew what would happen.

I was scared to invest in something I didn’t fully understand.

So, I did nothing. For a bit.

Then I did  And wow, am I glad!! 

Bitcoin has hit the mainstream in 2017, but is still relatively new and exciting.  Over the past year Bitcoin has gone up over 100%.  Even in just the last month it has increased over 32%.

Even when I did jump in, I was still scared to invest a chunk of my pot, and given that 1 Bitcoin at the time was over £1,000 I was VERY EXCITED to find the platform that I ended up investing in.

For the price of £50 – less than a big night out – I could start my Bitcoin investment portfolio, start earning a daily passive income, Yes, you read that right – a daily, passive, income!!

THEN, as if that wasn’t exciting enough. I discovered that, not only could I just leave my money there, but with the interest I was earning, I could buy more Bitcoin in a few months. Thus, increasing my investment and crypto-currency ownership.

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