Yesterday, in our March Meditation Challenge we looked at our chosen ‘meditation position’ and our checklist of ‘to

dos’ before beginning our meditation practice.

One of the most important thing to do before starting is to Cleanse yourself. ¬†I am going to assume that you have a certain standard of hygiene so I’m not going to ask you to take a shower ūüôā . ¬†Cleansing in this sense means to rid yourself of any negative emotions or thoughts you might be carrying around with you before you start.

How to cleanse

There are two ways to cleanse.  Sitting in your chosen position, you will imagine yourself doing something that makes you feel totally pure. So, it could be taking a shower, a bath, swimming in the ocean, lying on a beach, walking in a forest Рwhatever it is that works for you. Imagine yourself doing your thing Рimagine the smells, textures, sounds, tastes. Really bring it alive.  Cleanse for as long as it takes to rid yourself of these unwanted feelings or emotions.

The second way to cleanse is as follows. You might find this more useful if you feel the things you want to drop have been imposed on you by an external force. ¬†Firstly, visualise your unwanted ‘thing’ as something…so if you feel angry, you might imagine your anger as a red, spiky ball bouncing jerkily around. ¬†Choose whatever works for you, it can take any form. ¬†We are going to put your imaginary ‘thing’ into a cleanser. So next, imagine your cleanser – it could be a roaring fire, a plug-hole, the sea. ¬†The only caveat to this is that it cannot be anything that would cause other distressing feelings, so no guns allowed! ¬†As before, see your cleanser, smell it, hear it. ¬†Now, send your ‘thing’ into your cleanser and focus on it until the ‘thing’ has no power anymore.

Importance of Cleansing

While it doesn’t really matter which process you choose, it does really matter that you take the the time to cleanse fully before meditating. ¬†Unwanted, negative emotions, feelings, thoughts etc will all hinder you in your meditation practice. ¬†Part of living an enlightened life is learning to get rid of attachments to negativity, drama, past events….and before a meditation session is a perfect time to begin.

8 minutes (minimum)…go!

I hope you’ve found this article on meditation useful, you might also like to read my previous blog on how to meditate.

Rebecca x