How to Meditate

Ok so we’ve had a week of mindfulness and mini meditations, now it’s time to move onto the serious stuff!

Before we move into deeper meditations there are a few ‘rules’ that are to assist and protect you.  If you choose to ignore them, the experience may not be so pleasant!

Meditation is a discovery of inner peace and stillness.  To do this requires a level of concentration and prolonged focus you may not have experienced before.  To help you on your journey here is your checklist for future meditations:

  • Quiet, undisturbed location
  • Loose, comfortable clothing
  • Alcohol and Drug free
  • Comfortable position in which you can be completely still
  • Cleanse prior to meditating
  • Breathe!
  • Glass of water

Why are these things important?

Well, meditation needs concentration and it is hard to concentrate if you are constantly being interrupted!  But, once you get into meditating, it can produce unexpected results and it may take you a few moments to ‘come round’.  When we meditate we should be gentle with ourselves, going into it, during it and as we come our of it. Any interruptions may negatively affect your experience.

It it is also useful to have a set place for meditating as, over time, this will help you to settle into the meditation quicker. It doesn’t have to be a whole room, just a corner that you can make sacred will do .

Loose , comfortable clothing is essential as you need to sit still, the last thing you need is a tight waistband! You need to be warm, but not too hot.

Never drink or do drugs before trying to meditate.   They alter the mind and you don’t need this at this time. You also want to attract energies that are protective, nurturing and guiding.  Alcohol and drugs can have the opposite effect.

Don’t eat a heavy meal before meditating either, you’re likely to only focus on your full stomach, or fall asleep!

Cleanse – will will look at this in the next post…

Breathe – obvious, but true. We’ll look more at this…

Often you can become thirsty during meditation so it’s handy to have a glass of water nearby.  It is also good to sit and reground yourself after your meditation, and sipping water can help do this.

Today’s Challenge

Today’s challenge is to find your comfortable position.  You can choose to lie down in Savasana if you wish IF you can do so without falling asleep!  If you think you will drift off, you need to sit up.

Sitting in a supportive chair, with your feet on the floor and an erect spine is perfectly fine – you don’t need to be in lotus.

Sit tall, with your shoulders relaxed and down, spine erect, head over spine, 90 degree angle between upper and lower leg and upper leg parallel to the floor.   This is to place as little pressure on the body as possible.

Set your alarm for 7 minutes.  In your chosen position, sit perfectly still for this whole period.  Observe your breath as you inhale and exhale.  Don’t worry about any thoughts, if they come just send them away and return to watching the breath going in and out.

Let me know how it goes!

Rebecca x

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Thanks for reading!