How did you get into Yoga?

I’m asking this question quite a lot, so I thought I’d do a post about it. But, what I’m most interested in, is how did

YOU get into yoga?  I’d love to hear your stories so feel free to comment below, or email me.

My Story

Yoga first entered my life as a pre-teen, when I stumbled across some old magazines from the 1970’s.  Despite the bad leotards and scrawny, half-naked men, something drew me to it.  I started practising the asanas and some breathing techniques in my late teens.  I also attempted to meditate, however as someone who cannot sit still for longer than five minutes I wasn’t very successful with this then! At this point in my life, all I really knew was that when I was regularly practicing yoga I felt calmer, more centred and life felt better. The frequency of my practise varied according to what else was happening in my life at the time, and at this point yoga was not a priority to me.

Over the years I attended numerous classes but none that really held my interest for any period of time, they were either not physically challenging enough, or had no spiritual or philosophical elements.   When I become pregnant, I enrolled on a course of antenatal yoga classes with the lovely Janine, which introduced me to the less energetic aspects of yoga!  These classes focused more on gentle asanas and guided meditation, particularly on having a comfortable labour. I used these techniques during labour and managed the delivery just through my breathing.   I felt absolutely everything, and it was the most amazing experience of my life! The closest I imagine I’ll ever come to Samadhi.

When my daughter was tiny, to soothe her and try to make her sleep I used to breathe very long, deep breaths – while holding her, and it generally worked to calm her.  She is a pre-schooler now and I still do it to her to relax her.   These experiences made me think about what a positive impact yoga could have on toddlers and children who are often too readily labelled hyper active and/or ‘naughty’.  The thought of being able to teach small children amazing skills for life, such as relaxation, self-awareness and self-belief, really excites me and I love imparting yogic wisdom to children.

Practicing yoga regularly has allowed me to find peace, an inner knowledge and an inner strength, which means I can now go on and live positively, teaching others on the way.

So – that’s my yogic journey! What’s yours?

I’d love to hear…how did you get into yoga….?

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