Flower Meditation

Take a single flower and place it in water, in front of you.  Close your eyes and relax, using methods that you are finding work for you.  Ensure you are cleansed and grounded.  Focus on your breath and notice it slow and deepen.

When you are fully relaxed, open your eyes and focus on the flower head.

Really look at the flower, notice and enjoy its beauty.  Realise how special and unique each flower is and what a work of nature flowers are.  Notice its texture, colour, markings, scent.

Be filled with wonder and appreciation of the flower.

Let your consciousness melt into the flower, become at one with the flower.  Feel yourself as part of nature, as part of the whole Universe, connected.

When you are ready, close your eyes and bring the flower into your own body, feel it melt into your body and travel to your heart. Acknowledge how wonderful this makes you feel and bathe in the sensation.

After 15 minutes, begin to let the image of the flower leave you and return to the vase.  Open your eyes and see it there with your eyes.  Give a silent thanks for it.

Reoriettate yourself slowly.

You can use anything for symbolic meditation; flower, deity, photograph – anything that you would really like to immerse yourself in and that feels calm, peaceful and comforting.

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Rebecca x