Male and Female Empowerment

I used to think that I was all about female empowerment, but I’m not.  I’ve been on a bit of a journey the last few years, you might know my outline story but you probably don’t know the full one. I’m pretty good at keeping my true desires, worries, concerns hidden. I thought this was the way to be, but no.  In order to move forward, grow and help others I have to own and be proud of the things that burn in my heart.  The things that make me passionate, fired up and willing to move mountains for. Some days those mountains are just keeping day to day life ticking over after being up all night, sometimes they are bigger and more powerful.

So, this is where I’m at.   Everywhere I look I see AMAZING women, women with deep, loving souls, juggling all their multiple roles with a finesse that astounds me. These women sparkle, they shine, they make me proud to be of the same sex.  And at the same time, I see these same women belittling themselves, running themselves down, making themselves smaller, quieter, plainer so they don’t intimate. Who? Other women, men?

I have a little boy and a little girl. My daughter is 5. Since she started school, I can see a change in her confidence and they way she ‘talks’ to herself.  She is learning from society to run herself down.  I see it in the workplace – who speaks up in meetings? Men. Who puts themselves forward for new roles? Men. When did women get so quiet?!  Why did society make us like this?!

Women ARE powerful.  We have a power that is sometimes scary to men, and other women.  I believe that the reason we have sexism, anti-women policies, attitudes, misogyny, is because of this very power.  If we weren’t powerful, why would there be a need to keep us down?  There is an urban myth that still persists today – that women ‘bitch’ about other women.  Propagation of this only serves to keep us divided. I hate it, and it’s simply not true.  I only see women supporting each other.

Over time, society, domestic abuse, patriarchal leaders, male-dominated workplaces and policies have made us believe that we are weak. Somewhere along the lines we accepted that life was easier if we didn’t stick our head above the parapet.  Maybe the first time we put ourselves in a a public platform, with something profound to say, and someone laughed at our hair/make-up/outfit we felt so embarrassed we swore we’d never do it again. We got battered down. Now it’s easier to say we look rubbish, are ditzy, fat..whatever – before someone else says it.

This is not acceptable.  It has to change.

When I returned to work after my first child and wanted to work flexibly part-time, I was asked by a senior Partner in an International Top 10 Law Firm in 2012 “Why would anyone want to give you work, if you’re not going to be in the office – we’d rather give it to the trainee sitting next to us”.  This was in an office where all work instructions came via email and people rarely spoke to each other.  Needless to say I didn’t get the work pattern I wanted, and ultimately they lost a lawyer that they had spent tens of thousands of pounds training up – all because of archaic male created working policies.

Now – I know things are changing. But not fast enough.

What I want to see in the world is equality.  I know that equality for women, will benefit everyone. When my little boy grows up and has children, I want his partner to have options available to her regarding work/life balance.  I also want my little boy to have options! I want options for everyone so everyone can create a life that works for their family unit.  The only way we can do this is to empower girls AND boys, women AND men.

Boys need to be empowered in their strengths. Men, you are still loved, and you do still have a role! It is time to learn how to connect to your inner strength so you can live a life that supports who YOU truly are.

Girls need to be empowered to be secure to be their best version of themselves, reach their potential and  without fear of abuse or ridicule.

Take a moment to imagine how calm, peaceful, supportive, joyful, loving and positive the world would be if women and men had the strength, guidance, knowledge and confidence to be who they truly are.

I have been sending personal and female empowerment messages to my little girl since she was born.  It has only taken less than six months for societies disempowerment messages to filter through.

The only way we can realise the vision above for our children, is to educate and empower their minds when they are little.

My goal is to work at grassroots level to show children how to connect, and maintain their connection, with their power.  I also want to work with older victims of domestic and sexual abuse to give them back their power.

This is a shift of consciousness happening in the world and I believe we are perfectly poised to change our children’s future through techniques such as yoga and mediation, but also other proven techniques.

I want to take everything I’ve learnt in my life, academia, training and professional life to empower girls, boys, men and women.

If you’d like to know more about my male and female empowerment programmes please get in touch!