Candle Meditation

One way to focus the mind is to gaze upon a candle for meditation.  Set your timer for 14 minutes.

Safety First!

Ensure the candle is in a secure holder, away from any draughts and not able to be inadvertently knocked over.

For candle meditation it is best to use a plain coloured candle, to avoid distractions from patterns.

Using the checklist, make sure you are comfortable, cleansed and grounded.

When you are relaxed, with a steady breathe gaze gently upon the candle.  Don’t strain or stare intently.

Become fully aware of the candle, acknowledge its beauty.  Notice the colours, how it flickers.  Notice how unique the candle is and that you have never really appreciated it before.

Let the gaze soften and blur.  Feel your awareness become the flickering flame itself.  Focus on nothing but the flame. You might feel that you are part of the flame, and it part of you.  You may wish to close your eyes during candle meditation.  If the flame in your minds eye starts to fade, open your eyes again and focus on it again.  Nothing exists but the flickering flame.

Allow the beauty and warmth of the flame to come into your own body, into your heart.  Feel warmed and enriched by the golden hue.  Feel warm, safe, relaxed.

At the end of the session, sense the flame withdraw from your body, acknowledge it is separate and part of the candle. Give silent thanks for its beauty, which you may have only appreciated fully for the first time today.

After your meditation

Sip water, ground yourself and bring your awareness back into your physical world around you.

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Rebecca x