Seven years ago this May the world saw the first ‘Bitcoin Pizza Day’.  A programmer called Laszlo Hanyecz spent Bitcoin10,000 bitcoins on two Papa John’s pizzas.

Back then, one bitcoin was worth 0.003 US cents. One is now worth over £1,900.00.

Seven years ago, when I started looking at this currency I deemed it too risky. You do the maths – ouch!

However, 2017 is the year this crypto-currency went ‘mainstream’.  The first half of 2017 has since a rise in over 120% in it’s value.  Which beats my savings account at the bank. A lot.

One Bitcoin is almost twice the value of one ounce of gold. As of this morning, the gold price is US$1,269.  One of the most attractive things to me about this currency, is that, like gold, it is one of the few remaining products beyond government manipulation.  Precious metals, and now cypro-currency, are some of the last places investors have to keep their wealth out of the hands of governments and central banks.

Why the recent rises in Bitcoin?

One of the reasons for the latest gains will have something to do with the fact that Japan has now recognised Bitcoin as legal tender.  Since 1st April 2017 Japanese retailers can accept Bitcoin as payment.

The next place Bitcoin will become legal tender, is most likely going to be Russia.  One of their leading retailers, Ulmart (think Russian Amazon) is planning on accepting Bitcoin from the Autumn

So we have Japan and Russia leading the way by accepting crypto-currencies, we have BitPay credit cards, and we have UK shops and online businesses already starting to take Bitcoin as tender.

Bitcoin is the future, and if you’re not investing, you really need to give it serious consideration. If you’re confused, or want more information please get in touch.

Everyone should be accumulating a little – a few hundred pounds, a couple thousand… whatever you can afford to allocate in the speculative portion of your portfolio.

Bitcoin will not keep increasing in value at its current rate of growth forever. At some point the market price will correct.  I am so excited by the daily passive income I receive, it has literally changed my life. I can show you how it can change yours too.

The cryto rollercoaster ride is just getting started. So there’s no reason not to be buying now.

Talk to me. Rebecca