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I’m Rebecca, an expert in helping you achieve rapid transformation and next-level success in your Business, Life and Career

Using my unique coaching method first we:

  • Clear, then we
  • Connect, then we
  • Create rapid transformation and next-level success in your Business, Life and Career.

My Story

I was a lawyer in a corporate firm when I became a mum.  A great career with social status, intellectual stimulation and a respectable salary. But, after returning from maternity leave I cried every day for a year as I scooped my beautiful, precious baby out of bed, dropped her at childcare and then collected her in the evening, just to pop her straight into bed again.

I was heart-broken.  I needed a way out and I needed something that fulfilled my soul. While still working as a lawyer, I trained as a yoga teacher. This was the beginning of my journey to recovery from the string of abusive relationships I had experienced my whole life.  I started Yoga because I wanted a yoga body, I stayed for the magical transformation.

Love, acceptance, grounding, security, contentment, a faith in a higher power….seeds of real, true peace began to grow.

While I was growing and transforming, my marriage was failing.  One day I looked in the mirror and didn’t recognise myself.  I knew I had to change my current situation before it killed my spirit, and my daughters with it.  I filed for divorce.  I wrestled with angst and guilt about breaking up a family. But deep down I knew I had no choice.

I worked on my feelings of unworthiness put upon me from my past. For the first time I became aware of the constant negative self-talk that went through my mind.  I grounded myself until I felt safe, secure and solid. I worked through all the ‘shame’ of feeling a failure as a single mother and fell in love with my single mum status.  I became proud of everything I did and I started a loving relationship with myself.  I cared, protected and nurtured me the way I had been desperately wanting someone else too.

I was in a good place emotionally. Now was the time to change the outside parts of my life. I started a business.  I embraced the supportive, feminine environment, the personal development, the earning and lifestyle potential.

Things were going well and, then shortly after my divorce, my son was born.  My son had health issues, he would scream all night long and didn’t sleep more than an hour or so at a time. I felt helpless, frustrated and more isolated than I ever felt possible.  I had to use every single tool in my box to get me through the next two years.

During this time I spent a lot of time alone with my children. I re-connected to me, the Universe, my dreams, and goals.  I meditated, visualised, manifested and partnered with a network marketing company; one whose mission aligned with me and the change I hoped to see in the world.  I loved my network marketing business, but I was tired and overwhelmed by the non-stop messaging, the ‘fluffy’ training, the ‘spammy’ approach. I didn’t want to constantly talk about product and I didn’t want my social media to look
like an advert. I didn’t want to chase or hassle people to join my business; logic told me if they were looking to build a business, they would be seeking out opportunities.

I wanted to attract people to me and I knew there was a better way to leverage the power of the internet, I just didn’t know how.

In short, I was getting fed up, frustrated and overwhelmed. I was ready to quit!

I have always had a deep affinity with women and as I had grown in self-worth and confidence. I realised that many women still suffered from feelings of unworthiness, low confidence and poor self-esteem.  I began really listening to what women say to themselves, the criticism, the negative self-talk, the lack of confidence.

Women started to contact me to say they loved my social media posts, they needed to hear what I had written, they started to ask me for advice and guidance, they started to share with me their secret dreams and hopes and how they wished they could learn what I knew so they could fulfil them.

I realised that the reasons I had been sent all of these challenges was so that I could help others.


I had survived, now I was thriving.

I knew I could help other women to overcome their limiting beliefs, traumas, their insecurities, their practical challenges.  I knew I could help women build lives of their dreams with businesses that work for them, based on a rock-solid foundation of love and acceptance of their true self.

To compliment my growing business coaching practice,  I later qualified as a Rapid Transformational Therapist – a super therapy – based on neuroscience, that offers fast, effective results by combining the most beneficial principles of Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, NLP and CBT.

The results are simply astounding!

Have you been trying to build a business for a while and getting not very far? Have you been trying to hit the top spot at work and failing?  Are your limiting beliefs holding you back?  Are you feeling overwhelmed, tired, fed up?  Do you have a big dream but lack confidence or skills to get there.  Maybe you have insecurities, fears, negative patterns that you long to be free from.

Are you exhausted, frustrated and ready to quit?

I understand.  I have been there.

I know how to implement quick, but powerful, routines into your life to change your mindset and your future. I know this because when I started my journey, I had no time.  I needed all the things I will teach you.

A turning point in my journey was accepting that  I could only get myself so far. I needed support, systems and strategies to achieve my goals.

If you are at this point too, then I am here to help.  Through my unique strategy: Clear, Connect and Create we will uncover and release all that is holding you back, giving you the freedom to connect and create your desires, in super quick timescales.

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